Business owners that are looking to keep their business, employees, and assets safe should change out their commercial locks yearly. With so many different employees coming and going, service repairmen performing work at your property, after-hours cleaning crews, and the changing of employees over a course of the year, there really is no way of knowing how many keys that grant access to your property are in circulation. Let Security Lock Systems help you secure your property when you change your commercial locks in Tampa.

Think about your business. Maybe in this calendar year you didn’t hire or let go too many employees. But did you ever consider that people you contract with to do work, cleaning, or repairs at your business might have? Cleaning services rotate routes, hire and let go employees, and often times, have different workers for different jobs, depending on the type of cleaning required. Is it possible that some of these contracted companies have made duplicates to allow easy access when their workers rotate routes?

Call Security Lock Systems for professional commercial locksmith services in Tampa. We know you work hard to keep your business and employees safe, don’t let a spare key be the reason your business has a problem. Call us today at 813-874-1608.