Have you ever used Uber, the ride sharing company that connects riders to drivers through smartphone apps and takes them where they want to go?  Riding on the success of this type of service there soon will be ”Uber-type” of services for everything.  How about dinner or grocery delivery services, mechanics, dog groomers, you name it?

How about locksmiths?

Locksmithing is thought of as an on-call emergency on-demand business.  You call one when you need one now.  You are locked out of your home, your business or your car.  It is also a service that you schedule in advance when you are moving and need locks changed on a particular date.

LockedOut is this type of phone app.  It allows you to call a locksmith to your location for residential and car lockouts and normal lock replacement.  You know the rate before you hire a licensed professional locksmith.

So why an app to hire a locksmith?  Every city has been inundated with unscrupulous locksmiths who advertise very low rates and then pull the ‘ol bait and switch telling the customer they need to replace locks and door hardware for a much higher price.  Or searched on the internet and found a locksmith at the very top of the listings advertising $19 lockouts; finding out later that that rate is just for the service call and charging more to unlock your home or car.  Many of these websites just generate leads and sell to other companies.  You never know if the locksmith is “good” or “bad”.  I am sure you have read about these types locksmiths in your city.

The creators of LockedOut, say on their website that, “LockedOut is a service that connects emergency-stricken consumers with a locksmith. We’re improving the locksmith industry by streamlining booking, payment, and consumer reviews – making the experience exceptional for all parties.”

At this time the service is testing in the New York area using certified and licensed locksmiths.  If the test is successful, we expect to see this service, and possibly others, offered in other areas.