Homeowners living in the Ruskin Florida area need to understand the function and importance of home security equipment. Technology has come along way which means security equipment has advanced as well. But do you really know what all a Ruskin Florida security system can do for you?

Many homeowners still have the same old notion about security systems even though technology has far changed their function. The fact is, a security system such as a burglar alarm, also known as an intrusion alarm, does much more than simply notify you, the burglar, and the monitoring company of a break in.

Prior to the rise of technology, a standard alarm system would monitor doors and in some cases, windows, and alert a monitoring company who would notify police. Generally speaking, some homeowners chose to forgo this safety measure in belief that, burglars enter quickly and exit quickly, and thus having an alarm system just saved homeowners the step of calling the police. However, today’s home security systems provide much more than a loud siren and an automated phone call.

Many home security systems can now detect carbon monoxide, smoke, and fires. Homeowners should be aware that these systems are designed to save lives, not simply deter burglars from breaking into your home. When you and your family are sound asleep at night, if there is a gas leak, smoke, or a fire that starts, your home security system could be the difference between not knowing its there, and making it out alive.

Security Lock Systems has been helping residences and business secure their property and safeguard their possessions for over 30 years. The nominal cost of installing new home security equipment in Ruskin Florida is far outweighed by the life saving benefits that come with these new systems. Let us help make your home safer for you and your family. Call Security Lock Systems today at 813-874-1608