Security Lock Systems, a Tampa Locksmith Company, can help you reduce your security manpower costs when you install a video surveillance system. Many businesses have night time security guards, gate entrance keepers, security watch personnel that stroll the building after hours to make sure everything is in its place and there is no suspicious activity. However, having security personnel present their own flaws, and not only does a video surveillance system record any events that my occur, you will have indisputable evidence from live recording.

A video surveillance system is most effective when the video cameras are strategically placed at your business. Our security specialists can analyze your property and help place these video cameras so that you can avoid dead zones, or zones where video camera coverage is lacking due to position of cameras.

Once a video surveillance system is installed, you will be able to record any and all events that take place over a given period. In some cases, depending on the time of phone you have and system you install, you will be able to view in real time the status of your property by checking the various cameras. Let Security Lock Systems help you enhance your property’s security while also reducing manpower costs. Give us a call today at 813-874-1608, we look forward to working with you. Our Tampa Locksmith experts can help you with your business security needs.