In 2009 it is estimated that in the U.S. alone there was well over nine million property crimes reported. Every day an average fifty home invasions are reported through the news. A recent surge is crime is concerning. But at Security Lock Systems, the premier Tampa Locksmith company, we have been servicing the Tampa are since 1981 and we are dedicated to keeping our Tampa residents safe and feeling secure. We know you value your family’s safety, which is why we offer specialty engineered Intrusion Alarm Solutions, more commonly referred to as Burglar Alarms. Install an intrusion alarm system in Tampa today.

Our intrusion alarms utilize a number of updated technologies with the goal of providing you with the ultimate secure state of mind. Our alarms use control panels and multiple sensors that are installed on your doors and windows to detect invasion or unwelcome visitors in your Tampa or West Central Florida home.

Our security systems are monitored around the clock by our UL-Listed Monitoring Facility and when a break-in is reported, the police are immediately notified.

If you are new to the Tampa area and have recently purchased a home be sure to set up you Intrusion Alarm System. For added security exploit our Residential Locksmith Services. We can provide a whole array of doorknobs, deadbolts, gate locks, garage locks, and many other varieties of security lock hardware and technologies. We can make your locks bump-proof and insure no malicious criminals can entry your house through lock-picking.

We provide quick service so if you are having doubts about your home security, contact us today so we can provide you with timely home security. We even offer a Onsite Security Assessment so you can have a strong peace of mind.