Are you new to the Tampa Bay area? When you move house, you have no prior knowledge as to just who all might have a key to your new home. There are no regulations on key copies. Dozens can be made and distributed to cleaning services or babysitters. And while you may be somewhat acquainted with the previous owner of your new home, there is never an exact count on how many people could potentially have access to your home. All your locks could be totally ineffective. And when you move to a new area, you do not want that to be your situation.

Security Lock Systems recommends replacing your residential locks and deadbolts after moving into your new home so you have full control on your home security. We want to refurnish your residence with a whole new and more effective lock system. As a part of our Full Residential Locksmith Services we provide an Onsite Security Assessment. Our locksmith professionals can advise you with recommendations on how to better secure your new home and find the locks to fit your lifestyle. However, you can be sure your home is safe when you change your residential locks in Tampa.

With our Lock Installation Service you can choose from a variety of locks to be installed in the interior or exterior of your home be it knobs, deadbolts, levers, gate or garage locks. Our locks are bump-proof, meaning they can not be picked open by any unwanted visitors. Upgrade your home’s lock system even further with our High Security Keys/Locks that use a patent key-control system that disallows any ordinary person from walking down to the hardware store and duplicating keys.

You can further fortify your home further with our Intrusion Alarm Solutions. This service is ideal for family’s with children or singles. Being new to the Tampa area, you might not know many people willing to get you out of pinch when you accidentally lock yourself out of your house you can take advantage of our Emergency Lockout Services. We want to give you a warm secure welcome, so replace your residential locks in Tampa today with the Tampa Locksmith experts, Security Lock Systems.