Congratulations on your recent home purchase in Tampa, we are excited to have you as our new neighbors. We know this is likely one of your most important investments, so you want to be sure you protect it. Let us change your residential locks and install a video surveillance system so you can protect you, your family, your valuables, and your property. Call the Tampa Locksmith specialists at 813-874-1608.

When you recently have purchased a home and have moved everything in, it is important to remember that you don’t know who use to live there and who had access to your home. It is likely that all your neighbors are very sweet and that the previous home owners collected all the keys, but why take the chance. The previous owners may have had dog sitter or baby sitter or a cleaning crew, all of whom could have had immediate access thanks to spare keys. Erase the possibility of anyone having access to your home with new residential locks in Tampa from Security Lock Systems.

If you want to add even more peace of mind and security to your home, we can install a video surveillance system to your property. You can always keep a watchful eye when you are away from home. An added bonus that is often forgotten about video surveillance systems is that they also act as a deterrent to potential theft, burglary, or vandalism. Many vandals that are seeking to harm or steal from residential homes skip the homes that are actively monitored and protected by surveillance. Call your local residential Tampa locksmith today.