Property managers of apartment complexes should consider replacing their apartment locks in Tampa annually for the safety and protection of all of their tenants. Many apartments have shorter leases such as three months, five months, or seven months leases where new tenants are moving in throughout the year. Be sure that only your current tenants have access to their apartment by replacing your apartment locks annually with Security Lock Systems.

When tenants move out of their apartment, property managers have no way of knowing how many keys were handed out to friends, family or extended relatives. Moreover for the safety and security of new tenants it is imperative to make sure that only they have keys to their apartment. As a property manager you don’t want past tenants or their family members to have access to new resident apartment homes.

Contact Security Lock Systems today at 813-874-1608 for more information on securing your apartment complex with new commercial door locks in Tampa. For even more security you may be interested in installing a gate lock with key fob access control for current tenants. This way only authorized residents and their guests can access your property throughout the day without having to get permission granted from your leasing office