International Plaza retail store managers that are leasing their space from the mall should consider installing security equipment and changing their commercial locks. Firstly, if you have recently moved into your new space, you can’t be sure of who had keys to the space before you did. Secondly, not all stores are created equal, and while one store may have discount products, another may have high end electronics. It is important to protect your valuables, and Security Lock Systems can install security equipment that will help protect your space. So if you have moved into a space that isn’t protected well enough for your retail items, we can help.

One of the largest threats to retail stores is shoplifting. On a crowded day, it is nearly impossible to have eyes on each patron, and if someone is snagging products off your shelves, not only are you losing inventory, but you also aren’t making any money on these products. With strategically placed video surveillance equipment, you can be sure that your patrons know they are being monitored, which can be a huge deterrent to shoplifting in the first place. Security Lock Systems is your Tampa Locksmith Specialist for all of your commercial locksmith and security solution needs.

When you want to secure your retail store in Tampa, let Security Lock Systems provide you with a video surveillance installation at International Plaza in Tampa. With CCTV monitoring of your property, you will not only be able to deter potential shoplifters, but also record any events should the occur. With video recording, you will have indisputable evidence of what went on if any of your possessions were taken without payment. Call us today for more information at 813-874-1608.