Security Lock Systems provides the best camera intercom system installation services in Ruskin Florida to businesses looking to enhance the security of their property. A camera intercom system enables your receptionist or security manager to pre-screen who is trying to enter your property and allow or deny access based on who it is. Speak with Security Lock Systems today by calling 813-874-1608.

A camera intercom system is a small device that is installed at any door, both exterior or interior, that has a speaker and camera that allows the visitor to speak to and be seen by your security manager or receptionist. This forces the person trying to access your building or room to “check-in” with your security manager or receptionist via a call button located on the camera intercom system. This process activates a remote-controlled device that allows the person in charge of granting or denying access to see who is at the door and then make the decision on whether or not to grant that person access to your building.

Because a camera intercom system has a remote device, your security manager or receptionist does not have to be seated near or at the door that is monitored by this system. This cost-effective approach to access control can end up allowing you to cut security manpower costs if you also had a gate-attendant or security patrol personnel that monitors the exterior of your business.

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