People that have recently relocated to Tampa and have purchased a new home or condo should realize the importance of replacing their residential locks. When you move into a new property, you may have been handed several keys to your property at the real estate closing for your new home. However, can you be sure that neighbors weren’t given spares, or copies weren’t distributed to house sitters, plant waterers, animal care givers, or other people who routinely visited your property?

By changing your residential locks in Tampa with the trusted locksmiths at Security Lock Systems you can be sure that only you and your family has keys to your property. Security Lock Systems can install new residential high end locks on your exterior doors to help thwart potential burglaries. We also have professional security solutions for your property like intrusion alarms and video surveillance equipment.

There are numerous ways you can enhance the security of your property, which is best accomplished by combining new high end locks with some form of monitoring security device. This way, you can rest easy knowing your doors are locked and secured and no one has spare keys, but also that your home is being monitored at all times that the alarm system is armed, so in the event of any incidents, the property authorities are notified.

Call Security Lock Systems today to install new high end residential locks in Tampa at your home. We have been in business for over 35 years and can help you keep your property safe. Call us today at 813-874-1608 to speak to our residential locksmith experts in Tampa.