In many assisted living facilities, certain floors or sectors have patients that receive intensive care due to debilitating ailments, memory loss, or other ailments that come with old age. Often times it is imperative that these patients not try to walk or get up without assistance due to the risk that they hurt themselves. With a patient wandering system, your nurses and staff can be alerted when patients in these sectors start to move without the assistance of a trained staff member. Call Security Lock Systems today at 813-874-1608 to discuss your needs with us.

We understand the important of your patients’ well-being and their security. With an access control system and patient wandering system you can prevent access from unauthorized persons while allowing friends, family, and staff unrestricted access to visit your clinic. Moreover, an access control system will let staff members and nurses move freely about your facility while keeping patients safe in their respective rooms and sectors.

Call Security Lock Systems to discuss your Tampa patient wandering system needs with our staff. We understand that you want to provide exceptional patient care to ensure the overall well being of your inpatients. Speak with our staff today and schedule your patient wandering system installation in Tampa. We can be reached at 813-874-1608 and look forward to meeting your security needs.