Break-ins are happening all the time. Make sure your protect your home or business with an intrusion alarm from Security Lock Systems. With an intrusion alarm installed at your home or business, you can be sure that the proper authorities are notified of the break-in and that you will be aware of what is going on. Call Security Lock Systems for all of your security needs in Tampa Bay.

An intrusion alarm serves several purposes. First off, it is a great deterrent to thieves and destruction of property. Typically, burglars don’t want to attack a home or business that is monitored by a security system. They don’t want to be seen on camera, they don’t want to trip an alarm, and they don’t want the authorities to be notified. So having an intrusion alarm can lower the risk of a break in. Secondly, if a break-in does occur, a siren will sound. This will notify you if you are home, the surrounding area of a problem, and the authorities will be called. It is also unlikely for the intruder to stick around when the alarm has been generated.

Intrusion alarms are inexpensive to install and the monitoring service really is less than you might think. Additionally, an intrusion alarm represents something much greater than what it is, it’s a system designed to safeguard your personal belongs, your investment, and your family. With something so easy to install and affordable to have in place, why hesitate to add additional measures of safety to you and your family or business?

Security Lock Systems has been providing families with security and locksmith services for over 30 years. We want to see you and your family happy here in the Tampa Bay area. If you’re a business owner, we want to help your business thrive. We can handle all of your security and locksmith needs. Give us a call when you need residential or commercial locksmith services in Tampa Bay.