Think about your family home. Is your bedroom upstairs with the kids or is it on the main level near the front door? If someone is breaking into your home, you and your family want to know its happening. You want to be sure you can get to your kids quickly. If you have an intrusion alarm installed in your Tampa Bay home, you can be sure that you and the police will know there is a problem.

When the alarm sounds and you hear the glass break on the first floor certain things will happen. Firstly, because you know someone is in the house, you can lock yourself and your family upstairs in a bedroom or bathroom perhaps. Secondly, the monitoring service will call immediately to ask if there is a problem. When you answer the phone and say a break-in has occurred, police will be dispatched to your home. Think about the possibility of you not being able to get to the phone. Police will still be sent to your home by the monitoring system regardless. Thirdly, the intruders will immediately know the home is armed by a security system and in most cases,  leave. Intruders don’t want to deal with alarm systems.

Having a burglary alarm can give you and your family peace of mind. When you return home from a long day, the monitoring panel will say the home is secure. When you sleep at night you will know if anything bad happens. An Alarm system keeps you informed and keeps burglars at bay. Why would a burglar chose a home monitored by a security system when there are so many homes that are unsecured.

We want to keep your family safe. Security Lock Systems has the best intrusion alarm equipment for your specific needs. We want to be sure that when danger strikes, you, the authorities, and the burglar are all aware that your home is monitored and protected, and that the police are on the way.