Tampa business owners that want to protect their investment after hours should consider installing an intrusion alarm at their property. Advanced intrusion alarms will not only notify the proper authorities if a break in occurs but will also act as a deterrent to crime. Burglars do not want to break into a property that is actively monitored by a security system. When you close up for the evening and leave, if you don’t have an intrusion alarm, you are leaving your property vulnerable to attack. Let Tampa Locksmith professionals Security Lock Systems provide you with the services you need most.

An intrusion alarm will detect break ins via window and door sensors as well as broken glass detectors. If the alarm is triggered while you are away, the proper authorities will be notified immediately thanks to the UL monitoring service we contract with.

This means that when you are away enjoying dinner with your family or sound asleep at night, your commercial intrusion alarm is working hard to keep your property safe. If your property is not protected, a burglar will be able to enter your property unnoticed, and cause destruction and steal whatever he or she wants. But, when you have an alarm that is monitoring your property, the amount of time between when the burglar enters and when police arrive is very short. Should they choose not to run at the sound of the alarm, they would have very little time to take your possessions.

Secure your business today by calling commercial Tampa Locksmith professionals Security Lock Systems. We can install an advanced security system at your property that will fortify your business. Active monitoring is affordable and gives you sound peace of mind when you head home for the night. Let us help secure your property today, call us at 813-874-1608.