Tampa locksmith and security integrator company Security Lock Systems provides professional locksmith and security integration services to businesses both big and small across the Greater Tampa community. One security myth that we want to debunk is that an access control system is intended only for corporate office buildings. The truth is, any business that has a property that needs to control access at interior or exterior doors can benefit from an access control system.

An access control system creates a network of secured doors that are only accessible via key fob or key code. Only authorized persons who have been given a key code or key fob will be able to access the different parts of your business that are controlled by your new access control system. This way, you can effectively monitor and control employee foot traffic, allowing unrestricted access to your business to employees and staff, while preventing unauthorized persons from gaining entry to your business.

Moreover, each key fob and key code has its own record in your access control system database, so you can see where and when individual employees have gone throughout the day which can help you monitor employee efficiency.

Speak with Security Lock Systems to discuss your security needs and let us help answer any questions you have on access control system integration. We are the trusted choice for security solutions across Tampa, so give us a call today at 813-874-1608.