Protecting your home and family is likely one of your biggest priorities and at Security Lock Systems, we understand why. We specialize in residential locksmith services in Tampa as well as security integration and want to pass along a few tips for keeping your home safe from outside threats.

1) Lock Replacement: Replacing your locks annually or when you take control of a new property or rental unit is imperative. Even if you were told all the keys were collected at the closing of your new home or at the signing of your new lease, you can’t be sure copies weren’t made and distributed to old neighbors. Replacing your existing residential locks is the best way to ensure only your family has access to your property.

2) Burglar Alarm: Having a residential burglar or intrusion alarm provides homeowners with three things: peace of mind, attention/alert of a break-in, and potentially scarring off the intruder that is attacking your property. Intrusion alarms, when set, monitor the conditions inside and outside of your home. Should any windows or doors that are armed be opened or broken, your alarm will sound. This means that when you leave for the day and come home, you know your house is just as you left it. At night, when everyone is sleeping, should a break in occur, you and your family and the proper UL monitoring service will be notified. Burglar alarms also can deter threats before they happen

3) Landscaping: If you have trees and shrubbery up and around the perimeter of your home, you are only giving burglars more places they can hide. Keeping trees and bushes trimmed and having lots of exterior lights will help eliminate potential target areas for break-ins where intruders hide themselves under landscaping cover

4) Video Surveillance: One of the best and ultimate defenses against outside threats is residential video surveillance. No one committing a crime wants to be recorded in the act and should a break in occur, properly placed security cameras will capture who is attacking your property. Moreover, many advanced video surveillance systems have remote-viewing so if you are not at your property you will get an alert should anything go wrong.

Security Lock Systems offers customized residential security solutions in Tampa to meet your every need. Protecting your home from outside threats is our business and we look forward to helping you enhance the security of your property. Give us a call today for more information at 813-874-1608.